Providing services to corporate firms in the field of contracting and housing projects since 1999, Cihan Construction aims at adapting to current changes rapidly and extending its achievements over a long period of time as a leading and model company in terms of occupational health and safety as well as customer satisfaction thanks to its large and specialist staff wholly employed within its own scope. Cihan Construction keeps to be the address of reliability depending on its quality product and consistent service policy under any circumstances. While designing its housing projects, Cihan Construction creates such designs that are always modern due to the fact that it follows innovative architectural materials and uses them in the projects with all details thereof. Cihan Construction makes a difference in your life thanks to its experienced staff who have dedicated themselves to design, share, discuss and produce.




Cihan Construction has been implementing a certified Quality Management System which is audited to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The partners and personnel adhere to such Quality Management System in order to maximize the quality of service rendered to the customers.


We have dedicated ourselves to keep pace with the highest environmental standards in our all applications and operations. We guarantee to pay required attention to the environment and meet the needs and interests of our customers.


Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all employees of Cihan İnşaat as well as all others who might be affected from the application has always been a prioritized policy for us.


We actively adopt the partnership and cooperative working principles within the scope of our projects and take working with the construction professionals who bring this intellectual approach to successful project deliveries as our duty.

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